Grace Place

“Community Serving Community”


Since its beginning in 2008, Grace Place, (operated by Grace Ministries of Thunder Bay) located in the downtown south core of Thunder Bay, continues to remain the stability for many needing an extra helping hand. Grace Place serves as a community hub for those in the area and often fills the needs for those newly arriving to the city. It is often challenging for people on fixed incomes to make ends meet, to find housing and for those living on the streets to cope with the many challenges they face. Grace Place seeks to ease that burden and to be a support to make the transition from homelessness to independent living easier.

Since 2008, hundreds have come through our doors and many needs have been met through the generosity of the citizens of Thunder Bay. Grace Place is a giving hub, an outlet for those to receive and for those that want to give back, by volunteering their time and resources. Resources such as used clothing, food, household items and monetary donations. Grace Place not only attends to the physical needs but also to the spiritual needs of those who attend, with music ministry during the week and the availability of someone  to pray for those who ask.

Grace Place ‘s goal is to provide a safe haven off of the streets to visit, relax and to connect with the much needed services that so many in the area are in need of.